GaryHi, my name is Gary Huff, and if you give me several minutes of your valuable time, on the page below, I'm going to share with you a simple, 3-Step system that will dramatically increase your ability to get things done (yes, I'm going to give you the entire system, right here).

This system will allow you to easily take more action, and recapture lost hours in your day, lost days in your month, and even lost weeks in your year.

Over the past several years, I've taught this system to 1000's of people, and the results they've shared with me (some of which you'll see below) have been nothing short of spectacular!

Keep reading, and in a moment, I'll show you how it works - step-by-step.

But before I share it with you...

There are two obstacles that are likely preventing you from being a massive action-taker right now: A lack of clarity, and a lack of motivation.

That's it!

Here's why clarity and motivation matter:

  • A confused mind always says no! If what you need to do each day isn't clear and and understandable to you, your brain is going to create resistance to taking action (you experience a similar restrictive reaction when you're blindfolded and asked to move - it's a form of what is often called 'fear of the unknown').
  • Without clear reasons WHY you need to take action, you often find yourself without the fuel and motivation for taking action!

Without clarity about what you need to do, and reasons for doing them, your mind easily wanders, and your heart lacks any kind of motivation for taking meaningful action. As a result, distractions and procrastination take over and your ability to produce significant results becomes a fraction of your potential.

At one time, I had some real challenges with taking action, like the ones I just mentioned.

And, like you probably have, I spent a lot of time looking for a solution and experimenting with different tools, methods, and systems for helping me overcome those challenges. Then one day I stumbled across an article that described a simple action-taking system called 'timeboxing.'

Almost immediately, I knew I had found the solution that I was looking for, because not only was timeboxing easy to understand and use, but it totally eliminated the two obstacles to taking action that we just talked about.

Let me share with you how it works, and you can figure out whether you agree with me or not...

  1. Write down all the things you want to get done for the day: Everything from writing, creating content, or planning your next project, to answering your email and balancing your checkbook.
  2. Assign a specific time to each task: Anything from 15 minutes to 4 hours.
  3. Select a task, start a timer (like an egg time), and focus on nothing but accomplishing that task: This means you don't answer the phone, you don't get up for a drink, you don't log onto Facebook - none of that. You remain focused on the task-at-hand!

In other words, each action you need to take during the day represents a small 'block' of that day (a box, if you will). You determine how big of a box it is by how much time you set aside to accomplish it (a single day can consist of anything from just a few, to a dozen boxes). When you're ready to take action, select a box, start a timer, and get to work!

That is timeboxing!

How does timeboxing eliminate the two obstacles to taking action that we talked about a minute ago? Here's how:

  • It Creates Clarity - Creating a simple, but clear list of things you need to do (getting it out of your head) gives order and structure to what you need to do - it gives your brain the clarity it needs in order to feel compelled to take massive action
  • It Uses Time As A Strong Motivating Force - Assigning each task a specific time and using a countdown timer to work on that task within that timeframe has the same motivating effect as you would experience trying to meet any other time-based deadline - meeting the deadline is compelling, and your brain sees it as a strong reason WHY you should act!

See, I told you it was simple, and that the name fit! :)

If you practice these three simple steps regularly, it will totally revolutionize the way you get things done in your life - guaranteed!

As I began using timeboxing regularly, my software-developer brain kicked in, and I began to see how a software version of this system would enhance its effectiveness and ease of-use even further.


  • By Eliminating The Grunt Work - Creating lists of actions, managing the time you assign them, prioritizing them, tracking which ones you've completed, and remembering which ones you need to do regularly, are all things that can be handled more efficiently using software.
  • By Giving You Visual Tools To Help You Get A Crystal-Clear Picture Of Your Day - Humans are visual creatures. The clearer we can see something, the more we feel like we can control it. When it comes to planning your day, the clearer you can visualize what you need to do, and how much time it's going to take, the more easily you can manage it and believe that it can be done!
  • By Helping You Track How And Where You're Spending Your Time - One of the most important skills you can have when it comes to getting things done is awareness - knowing exactly how and where you're spending your time. After all, how can you manage something (like your time) if you aren't aware of how you're using it? Once again, software makes doing this a breeze!

So, with these goals in mind, I brainstormed an idea, broke it up into timeboxes, and I went to work! :)

After a lot of 'blood, sweat, and tears', dozens of hours of testing, and a ton of user feedback, I'm please to introduce you to version 3 of this amazing action-taking software!

Here's what it looks like:

The Action Machine is built completely around the timeboxing concept, so it works because it's simple to understand and use, and it ties together the three key motivating elements that push your brain to take action (we talked about these earlier):

  1. It turns your daily actions/tasks into doable mini-goals
  2. It allows you to quickly and easily assign each mini-goal a specific timeframe or deadline (fuel for motivation)
  3. It shows you the BIG picture of your day with a level of clarity that helps you believe you can get it all done

When these three elements are brought together in the dynamic, automated environment of The Action Machine, the synergy totally transforms the way you psychologically and emotionally look at all the things you have to do.

Watch this short video, where you'll see a demonstration of how to plan and complete a typical day of action:

What Users Are Saying About The Action Machine:

It's great!

By Darryl Peddle - Head of SEO, Yahoo Canada

Been using it for a week so far and it's great!

I use it in combination with which tracks exactly what I am doing online. This allows me to really ensure that I am sticking to my set out plan/schedule. It's a fairly new system for me... so I am still getting used to it.... but so far so good.

The Action Machine is wonderful!

By David Drake MS, Ph.D Professor of Microbiology, Vice President, Faculty Senate, Dows Institute for Dental Research, College of Dentistry University of Iowa

I think the Action Machine is wonderful!


This is a great product and I am finding it very useful.

This thing smokes!

By Ray Edwards - World Renowned Copywriter

This thing smokes! Nice work.

My desk was cleared in 15 minutes

By Will Feldman

I bought this ... and love the program.

My desk was cleared in 15 minutes - It took a year for me to get around to doing that!

The design is elegant, it's fun and easy to use.

I think this will help me very much in accomplishing my projects and tasks every day.

I have got so much more done...

By Greg Spense

I have been using The Action Machine for over a week now and I love it.

I have got so much more done through this very simple, yet effective program.

Thanks for putting it together.

Money very well spent!

By Jane F.

One week in and I'm delighted with Action Machine.

Normally I'm a pen-and-paper person, but have to admit that Action Machine has scored where paper lists have failed.

The psychology is very good: the time limit and that satisfying ring when you reach the end.

As well as increasing the amount I get done in the day it's also very helpful in building up a picture of where my time is spent at the moment - the start of being able to change that where I want to.

So a definite thumbs up.

Money very well spent!

Thank you for this awesome software.

By Colin Taylor

I just wanted to write and thank you for this awesome software.

I had my first day with it today, and found myself so inspired and looking forward to everything like never before.

I didn't understand until after I completed everything today how incredible this system is!!

This is exactly what I needed!

Thank you,

I'm achieving so much more in around half of the time!

By Rob Barclay

Running a business is the hard, especially of you are responsible for multiple areas of the business. I used to get side-tracked easily with email and and researching ideas, and ended up working into the early hours of the morning catching up.

Now with "The Action Machine", I'm achieving so much more in around half of the time!

I would highly recommend The Action Machine to anyone who works on a computer.

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to read more testimonials)

You'll actually use and benefit from it!

Think about it, how many 'time-management' programs have you tried in the past, but eventually gave up on because they were too complex to learn and use in your everyday life?

With The Action Machine, there's no complicated time-management 'system' you need to learn or remember - It's all about: Simple, intuitiveresults!

  • Its Does One Thing, But It Does It Extremely Well - The purpose and functionality of the software is very focused. This means it's not bloated with a bunch of useless features that do nothing but get in your way and slow you down when you use it.
  • The User Interface Is Dynamic And Intuitive - Unlike most software that's gray, boring, and requires you to choose from menus, open dialog boxes, and a lot of other nonsense that just slows you down, The Action Machine's interface feels almost 'alive' - anticipating what you want to do, and instantly providing you the tools to do it!
  • I Teach You How To Use It - To help you learn the ins and outs of all The Action Machine can do for you, I provide you with a complete, fully-illustrated user's guide (created professionally by a top selling Adobe Press author), as well as a set of video tutorials, if you're the type who would rather watch and learn than read and learn.

Here's a look at what you get in this complete system to help you get things done:

The Action Machine 3 Software

Highlights include:

  • Plan Your Day In Less Than 60 Seconds - Spend more time getting things done, less time planning to get them done!
  • Discover Where Your Time Is Going - At the click of a button, you can quickly see how and where you're time is really being spent
  • See Your Day With More Clarity Than Ever Before - Instead of your day being some blurry, abstract 'thing' of stuff you need to do, The Action Machine helps you actually visualize it as a whole (you see the BIG picture), making it more real and more achievable to you
  • Feel A Stronger Sense Of Accomplishment - As you finish tasks, the interface will provide you with visual feedback of their completion, giving you even more momentum to continue moving forward
  • Plenty Of Room, Even For Your Busiest Days - With the ability to display up to 12 timers at once, from 5 minutes to 8 hours each, you'll always have plenty of flexibility to manage and plan even your busiest days
  • Spend More Time Using It, And Less Time Learning How To Use It - With an intuitive, simple interface, mastering its use usually takes less than 5 minutes!
  • Get The Windows And Mac Versions - When you order today, you get access to both the Windows and Mac versions of the software.

The Value Of This Software:

When you grab a copy of the The Action Machine today, you'll also receive these valuable bonuses:

Action Unleashed! Training Guide

Discover 23 proven strategies for helping you
take more action each and every day

Highlights include:

  • Immediately put a plug in one of the most prolific time-wasters of a generation
  • How to work in a state of 'flow' in order to achieve faster and better results
  • Speed through your day like you're driving with your foot to the floor!
  • Get your brain to quit telling you 'NO' and get it to start telling you 'YES'!
  • How to 'crank-up' your action-thermostat in no-time flat
  • Discover how you may be hanging 'weights' on your brain that are slowing you down, and how to easily get rid of them
  • Learn about the power of using 'mini-blueprints' to handle major tasks like never before
  • Learn why the last minutes you spend today may be the most important for tomorrow
  • Take control of this activity, which trains you to do anything BUT take action
  • What you should do after eating, when you feel like going back to bed
  • Discover the power of the most important question you can ask yourself on a regular basis!
  • What Benjamin Franklin said over 250 years ago about taking action that still proves true today
  • 5 simple tips that keep your body in shape so you can get things done!

The Value Of This Guide:

Watch This Short Video Tour:

The '3 Steps To Get Things Done' Clarity Map

A beautifully illustrated, one-page guide
filled with strategies to help you get things done

Highlights include:

  • The 3 Steps to timeboxing
  • 16 ways to take more action
  • Motivating quotes from some of the world's best thinkers and action-takers
  • Your 84 - A simple but important concept about time that you should be constantly aware of
  • Print it, laminate it, and hang it on your wall. Use it as a constant reminder of some simple but powerful ways to take more action!
  • You have the right to give it away! You heard me correctly - if you have a blog, own a customer list, or simply know someone personally who could benefit from this guide - give it to them, send it to them, or make it available as a download on your site. It's a high-quality free gift that others will find real value in using day-after-day.

The Value Of This Clarity Map:

Watch This Short Video Tour:

The 'How To Hit Your Goals' Clarity Map

A beautifully illustrated, one-page guide with
powerful reminders for how to reach your goals

Highlights include:

  • Discover the 6 simple ways to make your goals more real and more achievable
  • Become aware of of 3 major dangers on journey through life that prevent you from getting the results you want
  • Learn how taking action toward your goals helps create a clear path to reaching them
  • Print it, laminate it, and hang it on your wall. Use it as a constant reminder of how to hit your goals in life and business!

The Value Of This Clarity Map:

Watch This Short Video Tour:

FREE Lifetime Upgrades

Not much else needs to be said about this.

Order today and anytime in the future I update the software, you'll get the update for free!

The Value Of This Bonus:

Flip The Action Switch In Your Head From 'NO' To 'YES'

No longer will overwhelmingly big tasks paralyze you from taking little to no action. Use The Action Machine to break these monsters into smaller, bite-sized pieces you WANT to eat!

Laugh At Procrastination

Take any task you've been putting off, give yourself 30 minutes to get it done, start your timer, and watch what happens. This simple process, which The Action Machine automates, creates a 'virtual' space in your brain for that task that you feel unexplainably compelled to fill with its completion!

Sharpen Your Focus

Using The Action Machine regularly helps you get into the habit of eliminating productivity-killing distractions so you focus your concentration and energy on the task-at-hand.

Build Unstoppable Momentum

With each task you complete using The Action Machine, you build up a momentum that propels you to not only get even more done, but get it done faster and more efficiently than ever!

Control Your Time Instead Of It Controlling You

Using The Action Machine helps to become more aware of how and where you spend your time each day. As you become more aware of your habits, you easily discover ways to use your time more productively, and eliminate previously hidden time-wasters.

Make Time For Your Dreams

Are you neglecting your dreams and letting everything else gobble up your limited time, energy, and resources? Use The Action Machine to make time every day to take even a little action to move you closer to things you want in life!

Smash Those Nagging Small Tasks With A Sledgehammer

You know the kind; they're important, and they need to be done, but they're small and you never seem to find time get them done and cross them off your list. Use The Action Machine, set aside a measly 30 minutes, and don't just whittle away at your list - smash it to pieces!

Limit Your Intake Of 'Time-Snacks'

Quit checking email, twittering, and updating your Facebook page mindlessly, with no regard for how it's eating-away at your time, then feeling guilty about it all later. Use The Action Machine to 'allow' yourself a specific amount time to enjoy it as much as you want.

The Action Machine Software

This dynamic, easy-to-use software is built specifically to help you take massive action and to get things done!

The Action Unleashed! Training Guide

In this guide you'll discover 23 simple, but proven strategies for helping you take more action each and every day

3 Steps To Get Things Done Clarity Map

A beautifully illustrated one-page guide filled with strategies to help you get things done

How To Hit Your Goals Clarity Map

Another beautifully illustrated one-page guide with powerful reminders for how to reach your goals

FREE Lifetime Upgrades

Anytime in the future that the software is enhanced or improved - even to completely new versions - you get those upgrades for FREE!

That's a savings of $138.00 if you order today!

The software is compatible with:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X Leopard and above

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Wishing you all the best success,

Gary Huff
The Overwhelm Escape Artist
PMI® Certified: Project Management Professional (PMP®)
Contact Me

P.S. Of all the things you can improve in your life, your ability to take action is one of the most importanthands down! With my no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee, you get a full 8 weeks to evaluate the program and make sure it really does transform your ability to finally get things done in your life. Get your no-risk copy today!

If you’re still wondering if The Action Machine is right for you, just read the questions and answers below...

Question How is this different than all the other time-management programs I've seen or read?

Put's simple to learn and use, and because of that, you actually use and benefit it - what a concept!

Question How much time do I need each day to use The Action Machine?

Once you set it up, you can literally plan and set up a day's worth of action in less than a minute!

Question What's the difference between The Action Machine and your Day Launcher System program?

The Action Machine is software for getting your to do list done and managing your time, while The Day Launcher System is a program that teaches you how to create a personal, daily success routine, where you spend a little time each day to learn, think, feel, and act in ways that create a life of excellence.

In other words, going through The Day Launcher process would be something on your to do list that you would add to The Action Machine to make sure it gets done. :)

Question Do I need anything else to benefit from the software?

Nothing but a simple commitment to use it daily! :)

Question Does it work on the iPhone/iPad, or other smartphone device?
  Currently, The Action Machine is designed to work on Windows and Mac OSX-based computers. I'm looking into creating version for the iPhone/iPad, and Android operating systems, but nothing is available as of yet.
Question What if I want results now - do I have to wait for you to ship the software to me before I get started?
  Not at all! The Action Machine software is available to you instantly after your purchase. You can begin using it right away!
Question What if the software doesn't work for me?
  Then it's all free. Here's how it works...If you use The Action Machine exactly as I show you, you are going to get things done, in shorter periods of time, than you ever have before. And if for some strange reason you don't, I will return 100% of your money - no questions asked.

Undoubtedly the single most important tool that I have been missing!

By David Merkel Golan

 I admit that I am a productivity addict.

Combine the dual challenges of effectively managing an extremely overloaded schedule together with diagnosed ADD - and it only makes sense to identify and use the very best productivity tools available, to ensure that goals are met and maintain focus.

Action Machine is undoubtedly the single most important tool that I have been missing; Action Machine enables me to maintain focus and momentum on a concise list of top priority To-Do actions.

The timer for each drives me to completion of tasks in a way that no other productivity tool has done before (and I've tried most of the leading tools available).

I can't say enough about this software

By Seth Larrabee -

The new Action Machine ROCKS!!!

I just went through the whole thing and learned all the new functions.

Using the Action Machine in conjunction with The Day Launcher System is a freakin' LIFE CHANGER (for me at least)!

I have already laid out my Morning Success Ritual in there and will continue to add things as I go along.

I can't say enough about this software.

I love The Action Machine!

By Jeff Pfau

I love The Action Machine!

[It] has really helped me become more organized, productive, and focused on daily goals and weekly goals.

Good work and thanks!

My To Do list is now of manageable proportions...

By Adam (The Warrior Forum)

Nice piece of software. :-)

My To Do list is now of manageable proportions, probably for the first time in years. 

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

By Tom (The Warrior Forum)

Have played with the software now for a few days and can say it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Simple to use and keeps you on the job.

Highly recommended.

Genius man - pure genius!

By Kenneth Reno

Genius man - pure genius!

Your software is helping improve my time spent on the everyday tasks

By Neil Harvey

Using your Action Machine software is great.

I've tried various applications to help with productivity but they are either over complicated and clunky or very basic. Seems from one extreme to the other! But your software is helping improve my time spent on the everyday tasks.

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